Welcome To Paul's Personal Page
* Just a few pics of our little family. *

This is my wife Pam and I after a Thanksgiving dinner with our family.

We have been together since 1980!

Brenden and Baxter...Two of my boys!

Baxter, (the one with the bagel), has been referred to as a "Bagel Beagle".

Brenden was born to us in 1998 and Baxter in 2005.

My Three Sons!

This is Tanner, Nathan and Brenden on Christmas Eve. It is not hard to tell they are having a good time!

Tanner On Christmas

Tanner got a new fishing pole from Nathan!

It's a good thing we live only a few miles from Stockton Lake in SW Missouri.

Happy Birthday!

Look who got a motorcycle for his birthday!

Riding is probably Brenden's favorite thing to do. I'm not sure where he gets it though.

Tanner On His Bike

Sometimes our place is much like a raceway!

Living in the country on twenty acres has it's advantages.

My Little Buddy

Another shot of our Beagle Baxter. He probably thinks he is a big dog in the miniature chair.

Our Hound Chester!

This is Baxter's buddy Chester with one of his favorite toys.

Chester and Baxter can usually be found chasing rabbits and squirrels out behind the barn.

Thank you for visiting my family!